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Alexey V.S.
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Democracy is a human right to thrive...

                                              It's not a freedom to make and buy Iphones.”

By Alexey VS, High Performance Lifestyle Coach & Certified Personal Trainer

Part I: Your life has a price, how many smartphones does it cost?

How much is your life worth to you? What about the lives of your relatives and friends, distant acquaintances or complete strangers around the globe... In the world where 85 people or families own as much wealth as the half of human population (3.5 billion, give or take), how confident are you that the life you live today is the life of your maximum potential to achieve the health, happiness and joy we all deserve?

Your life has a price. Or, at least, in a society that identifies economic profit and material luxury as its primary directive, human life has a price. Some people's lives cost less, some people's lives cost more. Where does that leave you?

Everything we consume requires effort to produce. We all assume that, and we are willing to pay different price for different products. Some products are more limited in quantities than others, and so we are willing to pay more for them... But how much more? If a sack of potatoes cost you $5 per kg while a cellphone is worth $500 and you are willing to honour those prices, or even forfeit food in favour of a communication device, you judge the cellphone to be a more valuable investment. Perhaps, you intend to use it to secure more food than just a sack of potatoes or, in this particular case, 100 of them. After all, among other energy sources like sunlight, clean air and water, food is what gives us life and health. The question is, however, how sure are you that this cellphone is indeed an investment worth the sacrifice? Moreover, what makes you think that $500 is really all it takes to make that or some other piece of technology?

Supply and demand, that's all we need to hear when companies tell us how they determine the prices of their products. So, if it costs 10 human lives in addition to time, equipment and raw material to make a million of cellphones, what kind of rate of demand would let a manufacturer to sell you that cellphone at $500 a piece?

Your life has a price. Or, at least, in a world that allows social division based on individual economic assets and where almost one billion people starve every year while 80% of us live on less than $10 a day, human life has a price. And so, when you are offered a job, be it a desk jockey, or a lawyer, or a singer, or even a bathroom attendant, and you are paid for it, you take it. Why? Because it provides you with a chance to increase the value of your life. After all, in a free economic society we all have the choice – to die making a cellphone, to starve to death or to meet some other morbid end from numerous jobs that are eroding global environment, human health and happiness at various intensities.

...the END of Part I

For relevant sources, please visit:

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The Deadly Tin Inside Your Smartphone, Samsung's War at Home, Why It's Hard to Make an Ethically Sourced Smartphone, The World’s 85 Richest Are Now Worth as Much as 3.5 Billion Poorest

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